Storytelling Exposé:  The Grand Kru

This will be one of the most Honest, Transparent, and Real communications you will get from a Wine Club. 

One Year Ago, a small group of us gathered to talk about What Is Missing in the Wine World of Greenville.   As a group of friends, coming from all different backgrounds, living wildly different lifestyles, working completely different careers, we found a common ground though our love for wine, and the joyful experiences our appreciation of wine brings to us.

This group started out as an opportunity to meet new amazing people in our community, collaborate with local small business to spread their message, embrace the FUN and warmth  of sharing great wine, and provide interesting and creative ways to learn more about the amazingly vast world of wine and refine our individual palates.

In 2018, we used the majority of our free time focusing on ways we could enhance this group and this experience.  In 2019, based on your advice, feedback, and perspectives, we have decided to continue this unique Wine Mission, but legally (!).  We now have an LLC, and a Wine Retailer license, so we can give the government their dues.  ** We all love some Tax-Shade, but the folklore of missing moonshiners in the Dark Corner raised our eyebrows a bit.

The Grand Kru aspires to be something completely different.  

We do NOT have Prime Real Estate.  We DO have Day Jobs,  We do NOT have investors.  (Everything we are doing is from our pockets).    We consider The Grand Kru our Passion and Purpose to enhance flair and zazzle in the Lives of the Greenville Wine-Loving Community.   We want to integrate Sparkling Experiences and Fabulous Wines into your life.  

Below are the words we have chosen to define our Mission:
  • Bootstrappin
  • Interesting
  • Eclectic
  • Creative
  • Collaborative
  • Unexpected
  • Warm
  • Serious - Yet - Silly
  • EveryMan
  • Encourages the Best of YOU
We hope These Words and Our Mission will bring you Friends, Offer you fantastic wines, and Integrate new experiences of FUN in your worlds.   

What to Expect:  

  • Our Monthly Events, held in unique places, each with different wines and a different experience.  
  • Ability to buy Wines from our tastings, or upon request.  
  • A new wine space (still in the constructions phase), that will be open minimal hours, but with a fun vibe and experience each time you step your foot in the door.  
  • An amazing Winetastic Year in 2019